At The Ametus Group, we bring together all commercial functions – Strategic Marketing, Branding, Pricing, Market Intelligence, Product Introductions and Sales to drive performance.

  Launching new products

  Growing your business

  Improving business performance

  Mitigating risk


Our medical industry focus and experience gives the professionals of The Ametus Group a rich understanding of
the skills and resources required to address industry-specific challenges and opportunities.


We provide full support from pre-launch to successful commercialization of new products, and revenue growth of existing or underperforming products. Global focus is placed on successfully importing and exporting your medical
and diagnostic products.

The Ametus Group offers a broad range of customized marketing and sales consulting services:

  Strategic alliances

  Analytics and metrics


  Competitive advantage

  Market environment analysis and market validation

  Downstream strategic planning, visioning and alignment

  Assessment of market launch readiness

  Defining critical factors like value proposition, positioning, competition, regulatory and reimbursement landscape

  Incentive compensation planning

  Sales training and leadership development

  Licensing agreements

  Introducing new products within start-ups or existing companies

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